Call for projects 2018 : Innovative technologies

28 January 2018 → 12 March 2018


Selected Projects




The Call 2018 aims at supporting interdisciplinary collaborative research projects: 

  • first applications of new technologies or innovative instruments for Biology; 
  • implementation of disruptive technologies in Biology, the disruptive criteria being assessed regarding the impact and the transformative nature;
  • integration in the SME and industrial value-added chain, in particular in Ile-de-France, in the area of Technologies for Life Sciences (including start-ups creation).

The aim of the call is to allow large-scale achievements in Life Sciences research and to enable the emergence of innovations able to address at mid-term the market of instruments and technologies for Life Sciences.

For any question about eligibility requirements, please contact either or



Applications will have to implied collaborations between: 

  • A group of research working on the creation of instruments (detection, characterization, observation, methodologies, etc…)
  • One or several group(s) of research working on applied Biology

The Call 2018 have been designed to include 2 types of project: 

  • Type 1: “ 1+1 ” – Co-development project for new methods and/or innovative technologies. if the development of the method and/or technology need multidisciplinary, additional partners could be added. 
  • Type 2 : “ 1+N ” – Dissemination project of noncommercial methods and/or instruments aiming at developing new applications. The project will consist in the implementation of an innovative technology in an available context to several groups of research working on applied Biology. The project will have to be carried by the group of research working on the creation of instruments which will lead this action of dissemination.

A same person can only carry one project of each type within the framework of this call. 

Start-ups and companies can be associated to the project but they will not be fund.



In the context of this call 2017, the DIM ELICIT will fund for each project:

  • Doctoral allocation (36 months + 30k€ of running costs)
  • OR Post-doctoral allocation (24 months + 20k€ of running costs)
  • OR Engineer wage (18 months + 20k€ of running costs)
  • AND/OR Equipment purchase (66% max) with a maximal amount of 200k€