Welcome to the DIM ELICIT’s page dedicated to science communication !

The DIM ELICIT is the network of innovative technologies for Life Sciences in the Paris Region. If you want to discover the world of microfluidics, biophotonics, organs-on-chips and low-cost high-tech, you are in the right spot!

Please note that most of our content is in French.


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  • Biophotonics and waves
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  • Microfluidics
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  • High Tech / Low Cost Technologies
  • Organs-on-chips
  • Single Cell / Single Molecule
  • Technologies for in vivo biology on animal models

The DIM ELICIT escape game

Enter our laboratory and discover the world of microfluidics, biophotonics…

Biophotonics and wavesImage AnalysisMicrofluidics

The DIM ELICIT leaflet

The DIM ELICIT leaflet (english version, for the scientific community)

Biophotonics and wavesImage AnalysisMicrofluidics High Tech / Low Cost TechnologiesOrgans-on-chipsSingle Cell / Single MoleculeTechnologies for in vivo biology on animal models
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