A powerful technology to heal fistulas at a lower cost | End-user application

Coupling extracellular vesicles to a heat-sensitive gel to treat fistulas and regenerate inflamed tissues… how does it work?

video in french

Amanda Silva Brun, researcher at the Université de Paris and CNRS and Gabriel Rahmi, physician at the Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (APHP) explain this innovative and promising technology they are designing, in video!

Discover this research project illustrating one of the DIM ELICIT’s end-user applications : “High Tech / Low Cost technologies” !

For this project, Amanda Silva Brun recently won the « Prix des Innovateurs », a prize of the Ile de France Region aiming to encourage, support and promote research, tech transfer and health innovations with a remarkable societal and public health impact.
The DIM ELICIT warmly congratulates her and wishes the team the best of luck in all their future challenges !


We would like to thank :
– Amanda Silva Brun, Anna Sebbagh and all the staff of the laboratory Matière et Systèmes Complexes (University of Paris, CNRS) who contributed to the film
– Gabriel Rahmi and all the staff of the Gastroenterology Department of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital (APHP) who contributed to the film
– the directors and members of the steering committee of the DIM ELICIT
– the Île-de-France Region
– and of course l’Esprit Sorcier !