Ultrafast Ultrasound imaging: A New Perspective on Autism | End-user application

Better understanding brain alterations in people with autism spectrum disorders, in order to improve their medical care: this is the mission that Institut Pasteur neurobiologists and Inserm biomedical imaging specialists have set themselves.

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In this video, Benoît Forget of the “Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions” laboratory (directed by Thomas Bourgeron) and Florian Laszlo of the “Physics for Medicine” laboratory (directed by Mickaël Tanter) introduce their recent collaboration. Here is a glimpse of the new advances on autism made possible by a rapidly developing technology: ultra-fast ultrasound imaging.

Discover this research project illustrating one of the DIM ELICIT’s end-user applications: “Technologies for in vivo biology on animal models “!


The DIM ELICIT team would like to thank:

– the staff of the Physics for Medicine laboratory (Inserm, ESPCI Paris-PSL, CNRS) who contributed to the film
– the staff of the Human Genetics and Cognitive Functions laboratory (Institut Pasteur) who contributed to the film
– the directors and members of the steering committee of the DIM ELICIT
– the Île-de-France region
– and L’Esprit Sorcier!