Call for projects 2019 : Co-development of innovative technologies & methods

1 January 2019 → 15 March 2019


Selected Projects



The DIM ELICIT will fund exclusively collaborations between:

At least one academic research team from the Region Ile de France working on the creation & development of devices or methods, according to the 3 Core Technologies of the DIM (Microfluidics, Biophotonics and waves, Image analysis and Big Data)


At least one academic research team from the Region Ile de France in biology, within the application axis of the DIM ELICIT (Single Cell / Single molecule, Technologies for Biology in vivo, Organ-on-Chip, High-Tech Low-Cost)

A clear statement of the economic impact of technologies and methods to be developed will be asked as part of the application.This aspect being an important part in the evaluation, project leaders are asked to write this part with their tech transfer department (SATT, internal departments, etc.).


The aim of this call is to promote the emergence of innovations able to address the market of instruments and technologies for Life Sciences (with potential dual applications in healthcare, agronomy or other industrial sectors), in the mid-term.

The 2019 Co-Development Call aims at supporting interdisciplinary collaborative research projects that will combine:

First application of technologies or innovative instruments or new methods to biology, with a clear impact and transformative potential in Life Science;
Integration in the SME and industrial value-added chain, in particular in Ile-de-France, in the area of Technologies for Life Sciences either through tech transfer or start-ups creation.



Any research team from the region Ile de France can apply with a project in line with the aims, positioning and thematic axes of the DIM.

A researcher can only coordinate one project within the framework of this call but can be partner in other projects. A researcher that has been selected for funding in 2018 cannot apply to this call.

The proposed project should not have been previously supported by another DIM, the SESAME program, a program from the Genopole or a collaborative project from a competitive cluster.

The two major partners are encouraged but not required to come from two different institutes.

Additional teams can participate to the project to bring additional specific expertise without geographic limitation. Team out of the region Ile de France will not be funded.

Start-ups and companies can also be associated to the project without geographic limitation.

Applications will have to be sent to

We will acknowledge the receipt of all the applications within a week.

Projects will have to be written in English.



  • Application form
  • List of equipment to purchase
  • Quote(s)
  • Resume of person to be recruited if already identified


In the context of this call 2019, the DIM ELICIT will fund for each project either a:

  • Doctoral allocation (max 36 months + 30k€ of running costs)
  • OR a post-doctoral allocation (max 24 months + 20k€ of running costs)
  • OR an engineer salary (max 18 months + 20k€ of running costs)

AND/OR equipment purchase (66% max of total cost without VAT) with a maximum participation of 200k€ from DIM ELICIT.


Application Form

Full description of the call can be downloaded by clicking here.


Additional Info


For any question about eligibility requirements, please contact either or