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SPHINX – The SPHeroid Image aNalysis toolboX



The objective of the SPHINX project is to provide and disseminate advanced image analysis solutions to the microfluidics/3D cell culture community, through a state-of-the-art and user-friendly bioimage informatics software package.

Our solution will adapt and implement algorithms available in our generic Icy software, offer a generic data acquisition and management system, standard and advanced analytics to meet the needs of both experts and non-experts in the analysis of spheroids in microfluidic systems.

The SPHINX software package will empower the users of the MultiScreen technology, our microfluidic spheroid manipulation system made available to numerous biology research groups at the MultiScreen Open Lab. We will also demonstrate specific image analysis for drug screens/toxicology and immune-oncology, two applications in which pharma industry is using 3D models and imaging, but is lacking dedicated computational technologies, thus paving the way to further tech transfer/industrial partnering.



As a response to the : Call for projects 2019 : Dissemination of new technologies or methods for new applications in Life Sciences

Call for projects 2019 : Dissemination of Innovative Technologies for Life Sciences (non-commercial methods and/or instruments)

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