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RAFALE – Realtime image analysis for the quantification of single-cell kinetic bioassays in microfluidic droplets

Project lead by  Thibault Lagache,  Pierre Bruhns,  Jean Baudry


RAFALE aims at creating the next generation phenotypic sorting of cells from ex vivo samples based on the quantitative analysis of their secreted molecules. The system relies on imaging over time a bioassay in a 2D array of microfluidic droplets, capable of estimating the affinity for a specific target of molecules secreted by single cells. Limited by an inefficient analysis solution, cells of interest cannot be retrieved alive currently from the array.

We propose to build an ultrafast quantitative imaging solution for the detection of cells of interest, coupled to an optical tagging system allowing retrieval and isolation of tagged cells for RNA sequencing. The complete framework will include multiplexed real-time image analysis from multicolor tiles, rapid identification of the droplets, correction of drift and automatic classification of objects in the droplets.

We will demonstrate performance, successful tech transfer, and interest for a start-up scheme in therapeutics/diagnostics by identifying antibodies secreted from human blood samples and biopsies.



As a response to the : Call for projects 2020 : Co-development of innovative technologies & methods

Call for projects 2020 : Co-development of innovative technologies & methods

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