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DC chip – Study of dendritic cell-cancer cell interaction on a microfluidic chip

Project lead by  Oliver Kepp,  Laurence Zitvogel


The immune system plays a pivotal role in the durable response to anticancer therapy. The therapy-mediated induction of immunogenic cell death elicits the emission of danger associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) from malignant cells which trigger the attraction and activation of antigen presenting cells such as dendritic cells (DCs).

Here, we propose the development of a chip to study the formation of synapses between genetically engineered DCs and cancer cells with the scope to measure their spatiotemporal and functional interaction.
We will take advantage of a novel genetic tool kit to perform gene knockouts in DCs to identify new PRRs and signaling modules required for the ICD/DC crosstalk, as well as new checkpoint blockers interfering with this crosstalk.
We will search for therapeutic manipulations that stimulate ICD-associated anticancer effects, while placing emphasis on novel checkpoint blockers affecting the ICD/DC crosstalk and molecules that may ameliorate this crosstalk locally to override immune defects.



As a response to the : Call for projects 2020 : Co-development of innovative technologies & methods

Call for projects 2020 : Co-development of innovative technologies & methods

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