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LightLab shares its training experience with Deeptech Founders

LightLab and Deeptech Founders


Deeptech Founders (DF) is a unique six-month program to help entrepreneurial scientists and engineers explore and validate opportunities to transform their research into a commercial product and to accelerate their startup projects.



Dr Peter I. Dalko and Dr Amit Kumar are the founders of the startup LightLab Bioscience and were supported by the DIM ELICIT to participate in Deeptech Founders. Here is their testimonial on the DF training, and on the continuation of the project.

Could you present your startup project?

Drug optimization is a key issue in pharmaceutical development. We have developed a new class of “intelligent » polymer-based nano-capsules, sensitive either to internal / naturally occurring signals (e.g. metal proteases, glutathione…), located selectively in the living body, or to an external, bio-orthogonal signal, such as radiative sources, respectively. A noteworthy advantage of our delivery system is the inherent imaging capacity by using standard modalities present in the hospital environment (MRI, X-ray tomography, PET…), thus allowing to follow the bio-distribution, and to check the endpoint and delivery. Pre-clinical studies for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are underway.

What has Deeptech Founders brought to you?

Deeptech Founders provided us a concise and comprehensive insight into the French Tech business environnement and allowed us to familiarize with some key economical mechanisms: a kind of Swiss Army survival knife. This select club is particularly well suited for networking, and to share up-to-day information.

A few months after the training program, how is your project going today?
What are the next major steps?

The project is selected by the CNRS pre-maturation program, and discussion on the next step to take is underway.


Peter Dalko and Amit Kumar



LightLab Bioscience’s story inspires you? Applications are open to join the fifth cohort of Deeptech Founders, which will take place from October 2020 to February 2021.
**Curriculum is compatible with a scientist/engineer’s busy schedule**
**Application deadline: September 15th, 2020**

If you wish to apply to the Deeptech Founders program and if your project fits in the DIM ELICIT core technologies and/or end-user applications, we can propose you a funding : don’t hesitate to contact us at dim.elicit@pasteur.fr