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Inter-DIM breakfasts for training in communication and science engagement

Training cycle in scientific communication


From September to December 2020, the DIMs ELICIT, Respore, Math Innov, Qi², Sirteq and STCN are joining forces to offer their networks a training cycle in scientific communication, led by the association Traces and The Conversation.


The training cycle will be divided into 5 sessions, conducive to exchange. The breakfasts are open to all members of the participating DIMs: doctoral student, post-doctoral student, researcher, teacher-researcher… All research profiles are welcome!


On the program, various themes to approach different angles of science communication:


Communication for the general public – Friday 25 September

How do you go from a peer to peer presentation to a mainstream presentation?

Communicating to a non-specialist audience is not just about simplifying the message: good communication focuses on contextualizing messages and understanding the audience’s requirements. How do you avoid falling into the traps of jargon? How to capture attention? How to produce a lasting impact?


Social networks – Friday 16 October

Communicate on social networks and develop community engagement.

The use of social networks in any communication or science engagement process appears to be an imperative. So much so that one may tend to forget certain fundamental questions: for which objectives and which audiences are each best suited? Which network is the most relevant to use according to our needs?


Educational games – Friday, November 6

Prototyping workshop in 60min and testimonial: questions/answers with a game developer.

Serious games, educational games, gamification… What are the advantages and pitfalls of using games in science engagement?  Is it always true that a game can make science more accessible? What expertise should be mobilized in the design and distribution of a game?


Communication to journalists – Thursday 26 November

Testimonial: questions/answers with a science journalist.

How to learn how to dialogue with a journalist? Do we discuss in the same way with a science journalist and a generalist journalist? How to build a relationship of trust between researchers and journalists? These are all questions that can be addressed in a dialogue with professional journalists.


Writing workshop with journalist Benoît Tonson from The Conversation – Thursday, December 17

How to present one’s research topic in an attractive and popularized way?

What is the objective of the workshop? To leave with a 15-line pitch to present your research project in a popularized and attractive way and with a base plan for a future article that could be published by The Conversation. Prerequisite: Please come with a few lines to present your research topic.



The first 4 sessions will take place at the Espace des Sciences Pierre Gilles de Gennes (10 Rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris) and the last one – Writing Workshop with The Conversation – at the Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes (6 Rue Jean Calvin, 75005 Paris).