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Call for proposals : Paris Region Fellowship Programme (European cofund)

The Paris Region Fellowship Programme


The Paris Region Fellowship Programme (ParisRegionFP) is a EU co-funded Marie Sklodowska Curie Action (MSCA) in the frame of the European Commissions H2020 programme that will strengthen the research capacity and international influence of the Paris Region, in France.


The two main challenges of the 5-year programme starting in January 2021 are to:

  • Recruit a total of 52 international leaders of all nationalities at post-doctoral positions in research and innovation, covering a large panel of disciplines
  • Provide intersectoral mobility, specifically created professional training and career development measures for these experienced researchers


The first call with a deadline in October, 21st, 2020 will recruit 26 researchers for 2-year post-doctoral fellowships.

If your research subject belongs to one of the 13 “Domains of Major Interest” labels endorsed by the Paris Region, including the DIM ELICIT core technologies or end-user applications, you are concerned.


>DIM ELICIT Plaquette<


Find out more information on the region webpage here: https://parisregion.eu/parisregionfp
Apply here: https://parisregionfp.sciencescall.org/