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US-Brain – The versatile ultrasound brain machine

Project lead by  Serge Picaud ,  Mickael Tanter
Industrial partners  Iconeus


Functional ultrafast ultrasound (fUS)imaging is a recent technology enabling to visualize stimulated areas in the central nervous system with a resolution 10 times higher than functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). In addition, high anatomical resolution of the vasculature can be achieve using microbubbles to enhance the doppler signal generated by the blood flow. This technology developed by the laboratory of Dr Tanter was already applied successfully at the Vision Institute by Dr Picaud on rodents and non-human primates. Dr Charpak, who recently joined the Visison Institute has also used this technology in investigating the neurovascular coupling. This project aims at introducing the novel fUS imaging machine from the French company Iconeus at the vision Institute to take advantage of their user friendly software for data acquisition and analysis while developing a novel dedicated application for this machine.



As a response to the : Call for projects 2021: Equipment subvention

Call for projects 2021: Equipment subvention

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