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METHYLPLEX – Digital and multiplex detection of methylated DNA biomarkers for cancer monitoring

Project lead by  Yannick Rondelez,  Valérie Taly


Profiling the methylation status of DNA from bodily fluids represents an attractive route for the management of cancer patients, with applications in early diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up. The project METHYLPLEX aims at developing a digital and multiplex assay dedicated to the detection of cancer biomarkers from liquid biopsies. It will combine the emerging concepts of molecular programming with droplet microfluidics for the detection of recently discovered methylated DNA markers. Using DNA programmed particles, our approach will conjugate the ultrasensitive, quantitative nature of digital bioassays and the high multiplexing capabilities of microarrays. The proof-of-concept will be realized on samples from stomach cancer patients, a leading cause of cancer death worldwide. In the midterm, this technology will be integrated in the form of clinical kits to successfully quantify biomarkers associated with various cancers (stomach, lung, pancreas, endometrial, in the initial phase).



As a response to the : Call for projects 2021 : Postdoc/Engineer Allocation

Call for projects 2021 : Postdoc/Engineer Allocation

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