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MassMut – Development of microfluidic device for massive mutation accumulation analysis in normal and mutagenic conditions



Mutations in DNA have large-ranging consequences, from evolution to aging and diseases. Dysfunctions in DNA repair and transcription, as well as mutagen exposures can increase the rate of mutations. It remains poorly understood how the complex relationship between transcription and DNA repair influences mutational processes. Model organisms and mutation accumulation (MA) experiments are the key standards for studying mutagenesis. Unfortunately, MA experiments are very long (6-12 months) and tedious (human intervention every 48 hours) reducing the number of cell lines and parameters studied. The aim of this interdisciplinary project is to improve our understanding of the mutational processes by developing a microfluidic platform that drastically reduced the time of the experiments and human intervention. With such a platform, we pave the way for massive data accumulation filling the gap in understanding of mutational processes relevant for severe diseases and in identification of mutagenic compounds.



As a response to the : Call for projects 2021 : Postdoc/Engineer Allocation

Call for projects 2021 : Postdoc/Engineer Allocation

Details & Selected Projects


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