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ImQuantID – Improved quantification of Optical Imaging Data

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Optical imaging is a highly sensitive technique particularly adapted for early tumor detection. The main limitation of this imaging modality for extensive use in clinical diagnostics is the lack of standardisation and quantitative procedures, in particular for longitudinal studies of tumor follow-up. The objectives of the ImQuantID project are to develop advanced and quantitative procedures in optical imaging through the development of several algorithms and tools to:

  1. improve the accuracy of animals’ repositioning from one measurement to another and automate the segmentation of the ROIs for signal quantification;
  2. perform tumor segmentation taking into account the dynamic imaging of the targeted bioluminescent and fluorescent signals;
  3. implement dual probe fluorescence/bioluminescence imaging for multiplexed measurements and normalization of the bioluminescence of the tumor by its hypoxic condition.

To that end, the algorithms will be tested and validated in preclinical studies, and in an anti-tumor recurrence project for which the UTCBS has developed an in situ treatment to be deposited during surgery, with a clinical trial planned early 2021.



As a response to the : Call for projects 2020 : Co-development of innovative technologies & methods

Call for projects 2020 : Co-development of innovative technologies & methods

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