• Biophotonics and waves
  • Technologies for in vivo biology on animal models

EViZual – Enlarged Screening of EV-based Therapeutics by Imaging approach in zebrafish

Project lead by  Guillaume van Niel


Efficacy, toxicity and pharmacokinetic are key parameters to monitor in vivo to bring therapeutic molecules up to clinical trials. New nano-vehicles such as exosomes offer new opportunities to improve these parameters during transfer of therapeutic molecules to target cells in various pathologies. Yet the preclinical evaluation of exosomes-based nanovehicles in conventional animal models represents a very difficult, limited and costly step. Zebrafish are vertebrate models combining transparency, large reproductive capacity, small size and low-costs of handling that offers the possibility to screen high number of potential new molecules and promising old drugs in vivo. We propose to exploit our model of zebrafish embryo as preclinical model to live-track exosomes-based nanovehicles at single vesicle scale and to perform high-throughput/high-content screening of potential therapeutic molecules that would improve the pharmacokinetic properties of exosomes-based drug nano-vehicles.



As a response to the : Call for projects 2021: Equipment subvention

Call for projects 2021: Equipment subvention

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  • Endosomal dynamics in neuropathies

    Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris (IPNP)
    University Paris Descartes

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