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Winners of the PrPhD 2020 call for proposals

PrPhD 2020 : Results announcement


In the frame of the PrPhD 2020 call for proposals, we are happy to announce that four projects were selected within the DIM ELICIT core technologies.


Selected projects :


– Artificial intelligence for phenotyping in high-content screens by video-microscopy

Thesis supervisor: Thomas Walter
Location: Centre de Bio-Informatique (CBIO) – Mines ParisTech
Economic partner: Amin Fehri – CAIRNBIO


– Quantitative imaging of bioluminescent signals in freely behaving mice

Thesis Director: Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
Location: Biological Image Analysis Unit (BIA Unit) – Institut Pasteur
Economic partner: Anikitos Garofalakis – Biospace Lab


– Machine Learning-Enhanced Dynamic and Continuous Monitoring of Cellular Spatio-Temporal Organization

Thesis Director: Abdul Barakat
Location: Laboratoire d’Hydrodynamique (LadHyx) – Ecole Polytechnique
Economic partner: Gor Lebedev – Sensome


– Contribution of deep learning techniques to holographic microscopy for medical applications

Thesis supervisor: Bernadette Dorizzi
Location: SAMOVAR – Télécom SudParis
Economic Partner: Jacques Klossa – Tribvn


The “Paris Region PhD” program aims to strengthen the scientific skills of Paris Region laboratories by recruiting young researchers and ensuring their immersion in the Paris Region’s socio-economic network, while stimulating research in digital science and technology.


The DIM ELICIT warmly congratulates all the winners and wishes them a successful start of their projects.