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Aimee Wessel and Raphaël Tomasi win the i-Lab award for their MultiScreen project

A microfluidic technology to better predict the response of cells to drugs


On July 4, the i-Lab innovation competition unveiled the names of its 75 winners, which this year included Aimee Wessel and Raphaël Tomasi from the Physical Microfluidics and Bioengineering Unit (Institut Pasteur/École Polytechnique/CNRS). Sponsored by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and organized in partnership with Bpifrance Financement, i-Lab is France’s leading deep tech innovation competition. It supports promising projects for the creation of companies with a strong technological component by offering generous financial grants (up to €600,000) and tailored guidance.

To collaborate with the team and test this new technology, do not hesitate to contact Aimee Wessel: aimee.wessel@pasteur.fr