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Accelerate your startup project with Deeptech Founders!

Deeptech Founders call for applications

DIM ELICIT would like to draw your attention to the new call for applications for the Deeptech Founders program.

Deeptech Founders is a six-month program to help entrepreneurial scientists and engineers explore and validate opportunities to transform their research into a commercial product.

Visit our website to apply, and more information: https://deeptechfounders.com

Deeptech Founders will be hosting its next group campaign between March and July 2020.

Applications can be sent until 2 February 2020, 30 projects will be selected from all over France.

If you are running a project regarding a technology for life sciences in the themes of the DIM ELICIT (microfluidics, biophotonics and waves, image analysis and big data) and you are based in the Region Ile-de-France, you are eligible for co-financing by the DIM ELICIT.

For more information: dim.elicit@pasteur.fr



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