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1st European Top-Down Proteomics Symposium

12/02/2019 → 14/02/2019

The 1st European Top-Down Proteomics Symposium, jointly organized by Julia Chamot-Rooke (Institut Pasteur) and The Consortium for Top-Down Proteomics, will be held from February 12th to 14th 2019, at Institut Pasteur in Paris.

The symposium will focus on top-down proteomics, the analysis of intact proteins and protein complexes using high-resolution mass spectrometry. Top-down proteomics is an emerging technology offering an unprecedented level of accuracy in detecting differentially modified intact proteins (proteoforms) or associated complexes. The term proteoform designates all of the different molecular forms in which the protein product of a single gene can be found, encompassing all forms of genetic variation, alternative splicing of RNA transcripts, and post-translational modifications (PTMs).

More information: 1st European Top-Down Proteomics Symposium