As a response to the Equipment support for the development of innovative technologies to support research in Life Sciences:


The 3BIOT project aims to develop an interactive robotic instrument that allows objects of a few microns in size, such as beads or cells, to be manipulated in three-dimensional space with optical tweezers in culture conditions.

This multi-tweezer system allows the user to exert forces and accurately capture mechanical interactions between cells or objects. It provides an intuitive software environment and a haptic interface recreating topography, texture or feedback force for the user.

Microprinted suspended objects, the “optobots”, are also developed to allow biologists to either :
– manipulate cells while protecting them from prolonged irradiation damage,
– measure the rigidity and elasticity of the cell surface or intracellular force transductions,
– or map the breaking forces between molecules, viruses or cells grafted to the optobot with their receptors on the cell surface.