As a response to the Call for projects 2018 : Innovative technologies:


The aim of the current project is to set up an Open Lab where research groups from Région Ile-de-France can perform 3D cell culture in the microfluidic devices that have been developed by Team 1 (leader team).

The first aspect is therefore to set up a user-friendly platform that will allow biologists to test their cells with a minimal barrier to entry. This will consist of building a fluidic handling machine that accepts microchannels, as well as setting up a complete workflow for obtaining biologically relevant results.

The second aspect is to make this platform open to any users and to accompany and support them in using it. This will allow different groups to explore the possibility to answer questions that require the 3D format without having to develop their own approaches, while providing the microfluidics group very useful feedback about the technology.

More importantly, this open innovation approach will lead to the development of new uses of the platform that could not be predicted without these close interactions between technologists and biologists.

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