Extracellular vesicles (EVs) may recapitulate the therapeutic effect of their mother cells in regenerative medicine while mitigating their risks and offering storage and shelf-life gains. The clinical translation of EV therapy is hampered by a production challenges.

We propose a large-scale, high-yield and cost-effective EV production, by shear stress via a controlled turbulent flow integrated to cell culture, in commercial bioreactors. This turbulence vesiculation approach may be of interest to the regenerative therapy for several organs/tissues.

This project focuses on the therapy of fistulas, a major neglected health burden related to Crohn’s disease or secondary to surgery, cancer therapy or trauma, and affecting millions of people in Europe. Our disruptive turbulence technology will allow us to boost EV yield and shrink EV production costs, rendering feasible the democratization of EV-based regenerative medicine.