As a response to the Equipment support for the development of innovative technologies to support research in Life Sciences:


In modern microscopies, resolution increasingly demands precision, for the 3D nm localization of fluorophores, and stability to avoid drifts and vibrations. As recently proven, self‐interference wavefront imagers can address these requirements and deliver quasi‐isotropic 3D localization deep in tissues, but their cost and availability has strongly hampered their dissemination to biologists.

In this project, we propose to develop microscope add‐ons based on a cost‐efficient random diffuser‐based wavefront imager. This device will furnish unprecedented nm‐range precisions for : i) 3D sample movements detection and correction, ii) individual fluorophores 3D localization for super‐resolved pointillist microscopy, and iii) intrinsic phase contrast imaging to correlate optical and electronic microscopies.

After development by the technology team (IDV), these modules will be adapted by the application team (PBI) and applied by users to study the assembly/disassembly of the intermediate filament, the RNA degradosome of H. pylori, Clathrin‐independent endocytosis, as well as intercellular lysosome trafficking through tunneling nanotubes.