In order to promote exchanges within the scientific community, to show the potential and the impact of technologies for the life sciences and to make discover the researches carried out on the territory to the Parisians, the DIM ELICIT proposes a financial support to scientific event organized for:

  • researchers / PhD students / students (working groups, seminars, conferences or specialized workshops, summer schools, creation of MOOC, etc.);


  • the general public (conferences, meetings, partnerships with museums or centers of scientific and technical culture, interventions in schools, “Art & Science” projects, etc.).


The event must take place in the Région Ile-de-France, and must be organized or facilitated by a research team from the Région Ile-de-France.

The theme of the event must be linked at least to one thematic axis of DIM ELICIT (microfluidics, biophotonics and waves, image analysis and Big Data) or on one application (single cell/single molecule, organ-on-chip, technologies for in vivo biology or High Tech low cost technologies).

DIM ELICIT will attribute up to € 5,000 per project.

The ” Région Ile-de-France” and the “DIM ELICIT” will have to be mentioned as support of the event (logos, etc.).

Details and instructions

Applications can be submitted anytime. The event must be scheduled within 6 months after the application date.

DIM ELICIT will evaluate the proposals every two-three months.

We will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your application. Please send an email to dim.elicit@pasteur.fr if you do not hear from us in a week after your submission.


Event Organization Form
Maximum upload size: 516MB

Thematic axis