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Job Offer – Postdoctoral fellow (PDF) or Research Engineer (RE) in optics to develop light patterning combined with light sheet microscopy

The Wyart lab in the Paris Brain Institute hires a PhD in optics to develop light patterning combined with light sheet microscopy.

Missions :

The Wyart lab is an interdisciplinary and international environment combining optics, electrophysiology and genetics to investigate how motor circuits controlling locomotion, posture and morphogenesis in transparent fish genetic model organisms (danio rerio, danionella cerebrum).

Under Claire Wyart’s responsibility, the fellow will develop optical patterning in 2D and 3D using spatial light modulators equipped on two 2 photon laser scanning microscopes and one light sheet microscope SCAPE.

Skills :

1- Strong microscopy background with knowledge of engineering science and technology
2- Organization and precision in designing experimental optical setups with robust and efficient code
3- Motivation to code in order to integrate the optical recording and patterning with stimuli and behavioral recordings
4- Analytical thinking skills : ability to think clearly using logic and reasoning
5- Work independently with discipline
6- Initiative and Results Driven
7- Organizational & Presentation Skills
8- Ability to interact and to collaborate with junior researchers from multiple research teams and facilities (from the Paris Brain Institute, Sorbonne Université, ESPCI & Institut Langevin)
9- Motivation to present the work in national and international conferences
10 – Great sense of camaraderie !

Profile : 

Strong training in optics with previous experience in optical setup design & coding for integrating systems with closed loops, sensory stimulations, optogenetic activation and behavior monitoring.

Funding : from the Region (DIM-Elicit) & European Research Council (ERC)

Type of contract : 12 months contract, renewable

Starting date : as soon as possible

Position: Postdoctoral fellow (PDF) or Research Engineer (RE)

Contact : send CV, cover letter & contact info for 3 references to claire.wyart@icm-institute.org