5 February 2017 → 26 June 2017

Selected Projects

Project lead by Guenaëlle Jasmin Lebras and Stéphanie Simon
Project lead by Emmanuel Beaurepaire and Laure Bally-Cuif


The call 2017 aims at supporting interdisciplinary collaborative research projects: 

  • first applications of new technologies or innovative instruments for Biology; 
  • implementation of disruptive technologies in Biology, the disruptive criteria being assessed regarding the impact and the transformative nature;
  • integration in the SME and industrial value-added chain, in particular in Ile-de-France, in the area of Technologies for Life Sciences (including start-ups creation).

The aim of the call is to allow large-scale achievements in Life Sciences research and to enable the emergence of innovations able to address at mid-term the market of instruments and technologies for Life Sciences.

For any question about eligibility requirements, please contact either dim.elicit@pasteur.fr or axel.bonetto@pasteur.fr.



Every team from the region Ile de France, can apply with a project in line with the aims, positioning and thematic axes of the DIM. The project need the be based on a collaboration between two teams from the region : 

  • A group of research working on the creation of instruments (detection, characterization, observation, methodologies, etc…)
  • One or several group(s) of research working on applied Biology

Start-ups and companies can be associated to the project but they will not be fund. Funds from the DIM cannot be added to other funds coming from the region.

A same person can only carry one project within the framework of this call.



In the context of this call 2017, the DIM ELICIT will fund for each project:

  • Doctoral allocation (36 months + 30k€ of running costs)
  • OR Post-doctoral allocation (24 months + 20k€ of running costs)
  • OR Engineer wage (18 months + 20k€ of running costs)
  • AND/OR Equipment purchase (66% max) with a maximal amount of 200k€

Application Form

Full description of the call can be downloaded by clicking here.